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Talkin’ bout My (Multi) Generational Travel

You may have caught wind of multigenerational travel being on the “rise” but what exactly does this mean for the travel industry? Anthony Goldman, Joint Managing Director of the Goldman Group touches on the multigenerational travel effect, and what travel experts can do to capitalise on the growing trend.

The Driving Factor

The concept of multigenerational travel evolved from people wanting to spend more time with family on holiday. Today’s contemporary lifestyle of all work and barely any play results in limited time spent with family, therefore it’s no surprise to see multigenerational travel emerge as a travel trend. Holidays with extended family help to promote bonding that extends beyond immediate family members and the sense of family integration is developed. These holidays are often viewed as “healthier” as itineraries often include group sporting activities, sightseeing with meals spent at the table, not on the go.

Industry Impact

It is predicted that the multigenerational travel market will grow steadily in Australia within the next five years, in the US alone it is a $300 billion market. Goldman says that travel experts who adapt and refine their approach to target multigenerational travellers will result in increased revenue. The key is to listen and gather information to create custom itineraries and extraordinary experiences for each member on the trip. It’s the travel advisors’ job to tap into the different family members’ interests and find out what they want from the holiday.

The Cruise Effect

Cruise companies have paved the way for multigenerational travel, offering families an array of destinations spaning across the globe as well as options such as family suites or onboard activities spanning a variety of demographics. Spoilt for choice, having a travel expert to sift through the options is essential in creating a custom itinerary – the key to successful cruising.

 Leverage Existing Clientele

Existing travel customers can also assist in building the business of multigenerational travel. Existing clients who book corporate travel will often enquire about a family trip and how we can help. Acting as the multigenerational travel instigator of the family, often the client is looking for a once-in-a-lifetime all-encompassing family trip.

The Checklist

Creating multigenerational experiences is no easy feat and requires both time and expert knowledge. Selecting destinations, entertainment and activities that all ages can enjoy together is essential. Consider booking private tours and child-friendly accommodation that has the option of connecting rooms or adding beds. In terms of dining options, variety is key. Make sure kids menus are included and any dietary requirements are met in advance.

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