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It’s So Great To Be Back!

It’s been a rough ride but it’s so great to be back!

It may have looked like we went into covid-hibernation, but we have successfully kept Goldman Travel alive and running through the past 20 months. Now, we’ve never been more ready to throw the doors wide open, welcome you back and thank you for your ongoing support.

Our incredible team are excited to guide you back into travel, utilizing an in-depth assessment roadmap which will ensure that you can return to the skies, feeling safe, smart and supported.

Introducing GoPass Global

With our customer’s safety always our number one priority, we have implemented GoPass Global’s Covid-19 Travel Risk Advisory program. Whilst navigating the world today can feel bewildering with ever-changing border restrictions, quarantine rules and safety protocols, our new pre-travel risk-management can put your mind at rest.

This program will analyze all the biosecurity risk elements of your trip, from start to finish. It includes destination restrictions, quarantine requirements, transit point details, areas to avoid in airports, airline ratings and even the safest seat to choose on the plane.

Each element is ranked from 1-10, giving you an overall score for your full itinerary, allowing you to make adjustments and reduce your risks. This is the perfect program to complement your duty of care and travel policies.

The document that Goldman Travel will create for you – at no additional cost – will list:


Providing a snapshot of your upcoming trip with combined information on the flight and country risks.

Country Risk

Giving risk data on Covid-19 infections rates, Government policy, infection trends and more.

Country Conditions

Detailing the regulations for the destination country, social information rule change forecast, VISA information and more.

Corporate Office Status

Advice on managing corporate thresholds on risk levels. This includes settings for the destination country, air route, airline/aircraft type and parameters to manage duty of care limits.

Flight: Aircraft/Airline/Air Route

Offering detailed risk analysis on flight route, aircraft type, airline quality of service, airport and airport transit risk.

Corporate Travel Risk Thresholds

This feature integrates office status, access rules and compliance as part of the employee’s itinerary

ISO 31030

Helping you comply with the new travel risk management guideline from the international standards body, ISO

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