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Why a good brief is key to planning your best-ever holiday

Even the world’s best travel agent may struggle to create the itinerary of your dreams without a solid brief. To help ensure your communication is king, travel experts, The Goldman Group have put together a guide to drafting a foolproof brief to help your travel advisor build your ultimate holiday in any destination.

Write a list…
Whilst this seems relatively straight forward, writing a wish list is the best way to plan everything from destinations to activities to budgets. Travel advisors are “all inclusive” and can help you plan destinations, hotels and tours. Don’t spend hours online doing all the work yourself – you’ll miss out on the customer service only a travel expert can provide.

It’s the journey not the destination that counts…
Decide on what kind of itinerary you want before chatting to a travel advisor. Are you after a luxe experience or a sensation seeking holiday? Or perhaps you prefer your tastebuds to lead the way and you want to embark on a foodie tour across the globe? Either way, establishing the key attractions of your holiday is essential in building the itinerary of your dreams.

A good deal is not always the best deal…
Have a budget in mind before approaching your travel advisor and don’t cut corners when shopping for fares. There is a belief that using travel advisors costs more than planning your holiday online however, that is simply not true. Travel advisors are privy to special fares, hotel deals, and agent-only sales that consumers won’t find online. Beyond this, travel advisors possess buying power and access to value adds such as hotel upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, credits and more. This will not only save the customer money but enhance the customers’ experience.

Face time and face value, literally…
Meeting your travel advisor face-to-face will not only save you time and money but it will also provide you with peace of mind when it comes to understanding the fine print.

“There isn’t a day that goes by where our team of travel advisors do not receive emails and phone calls from customers requesting changes to an online transaction. The lure of booking online for convenience is wonderful, however can quickly turn to horror for customers who did not read the fine print. A travel advisor is an expert in their field and is equipped to decipher all fine print and avoid any room for error” states Anthony Goldman, joint managing director of The Goldman Group.

Curating a foolproof brief for your travel advisor is easier than you think and will result in a holiday of your dreams. A leading member of the exclusive Virtuoso* and helloworld business travel network, the Goldman Group can access benefits and experiences not available elsewhere. From room upgrades to on-site assistance, to exclusive perks and travel hacks – a travel adviser always knows best.

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