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Navigating Corporate Travel Expenditure: Goldman Travel’s Strategic Partnership with Travel Analytics

In the dynamic world of corporate travel, Goldman Travel has strategically aligned with Travel Analytics to revolutionise the way we empower our corporate clients. As a market leader in corporate travel reporting solutions, Travel Analytics plays a pivotal role in providing unparalleled transparency into the intricacies of travel expenditure for our valued clients.

Unveiling the User-Friendly Insights of Travel Analytics

Our collaboration with Travel Analytics brings forth user-friendly dashboards that redefine how corporate travel data is processed and understood. These dashboards are not just informative but serve as powerful tools for gaining accurate insights into travel program performance. Travel Analytics goes above and beyond to meet and exceed the expectations of our corporate clients.

Transparency Simplified: User-Friendly Applications at the Core

Goldman Travel takes pride in introducing our clients to the simplicity at the core of Travel Analytics’ user-friendly and intuitive applications. These applications empower organisations to effortlessly gain powerful insights into various facets of their travel program, including expenditure, policy compliance, budgeting, and purchasing decisions.

Precision in Data Accuracy for Informed Decision-Making

Acknowledging the imperative need for accuracy in corporate travel reporting, Travel Analytics is designed to detect and correct errors as data is imported into the application. This unique feature allows our clients to focus on their core business while Travel Analytics ensures that the reports delivered are precise and error-free.

Security Redefined: Your Data, Our Priority

The security of sensitive data is a top priority at Goldman Travel. By hosting Travel Analytics on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure in Australia, we ensure that row level security on all user accounts is standard. Additionally, enterprise token authentication and advanced authentication options like two-step and passwordless authentication provide an extra layer of protection.

Compliance Reporting for Effective Policy Management

Our partnership with Travel Analytics empowers Goldman Travel to offer our clients more than just data. We delve into compliance reporting, offering detailed insights into non-compliant bookings, traveller selections, fare comparisons, and more. This comprehensive view enables our clients to assess the effectiveness of their travel policies.

Holistic Expenditure Management for Informed Decisions

Goldman Travel, through Travel Analytics, provides our clients with the tools needed to track and manage their travel expenditure comprehensively. Standard reports cover summary, airfare, accommodation, rental car, transaction fees, ancillary, and traveller expenditure. This ensures that our corporate clients have all the information required for efficient expenditure management.

Enhanced Productivity and Independence for Our Clients

We recognise the need to enhance the productivity of our clients’ teams. Travel Analytics facilitates the swift download of professionally formatted review documents, allowing users to access raw data with ease. As a 100% independent reporting application, Travel Analytics integrates seamlessly with data sources, ensuring customised solutions for our clients.

In embracing Travel Analytics as our chosen partner, Goldman Travel reaffirms its commitment to providing our corporate clients with unparalleled transparency into their travel expenditure. Together, we navigate the complex landscape of corporate travel, ensuring that every journey is not just a movement but a strategic investment.

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