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Looking back. And ever forwards

So, we’ve just started another lap around the sun. All of us together, tearing through the 940 million kilometres of 2017 ahead of us. Time and space. It’s kind of mind-blowing, isn’t it?

We did quite a bit whilst the planet was looping through the great void these last 12 months. We were busy guiding our clients through their own journeys out and back again, and setting the strategic, linear course of our own business for 2017 and beyond.

We grew our Goldman Group staff numbers by ten Рjust enough of an expansion to ensure we remain big enough to compete, but small enough to care, as we say.

We travelled a lot. Our passports were thumped by stamps in the U.S., Italy, Vietnam, Cambodia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Morocco, France, Tahiti and Mexico just to name a few.

Our leisure travel business grew significantly as corporate clients continue to entrust us with their holidays. Our focus on curating simply the most beautiful holiday experiences available anywhere has paid off in spades. Just quietly, we think they really like the VIP buttons we can press for special perks and privileges at our favourite hotels and resorts. It’s like they know someone who knows.

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