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Celebrating the Goldman Group 35 years on….and still going strong

 Time flies. It’s been 35 years since the Goldman Group was established and while rewarding, the ride has been challenging at times. Through global financial crises, airline collapses, the rise of global terrorism and intensifying competition from online operators, The Goldman Group has remained at the forefront of the industry by remaining true to our niche specialty – offering bespoke, personalised service, and adding VIP value.

The changing face of travel spanning across a 35-year timeline, comes with many milestones. Of all the changes witnessed by the Goldman Group, technology – notably the internet, has played the biggest role in changing the way consumers book and plan travel today. The plethora of information now available to both corporate and leisure travellers in comparison to 15-20 years ago is monumental. The ability to have the world wide web at your fingertips has stimulated the “travel bug” in many, as researching destinations, accommodation and adventures has never been more accessible.

The advance in API (Application Program Interface) technology allows travel advisors to tap into multiple travel options and book anything clients bring to the table. The breakthrough in technology however, has not resulted in the death of the travel advisor, who possesses expertise and an educated personal touch that a booking website such as Skyscanner cannot. Just like the non-existent death of a salesman, you cannot replace the service element that a travel expert provides.

Last year, Tom Goldman, founder of the Goldman Group celebrated 55 years in the travel industry. Tom arrived in Australia in 1949 and commenced his career in travel as a junior office consultant selling rail tickets within Australia in March 1962. Tom has been involved in all aspects of travel including corporate, incentive and leisure ever since. In 1983, the Goldman Group launched. 35 years later, it remains a multi-award winning, third-generation family owned and operated travel advisory group with in-depth experience in all facets of luxury leisure and business travel.

As a true family-run business, the Goldman Group saw Tom’s father, Alfons Goldman join the team, followed by Tom’s sons, David and Anthony.

Proudly third generation in travel, David knew from an early age that he would join the family travel business. “My school holidays were spent stamping holiday brochures, sending telexes to hotels and soaking up the excitement of watching the consultants make exotic holiday dreams come true for clients. I was lucky, we travelled often as a family and to this day the excitement of walking into a hotel in some glorious part of the world is quite simply the most intoxicating feeling for me,” says David.

Years later, David’s excitement of exploring and experiencing new places the world over, has yet to cease. A self-confessed luxury travel and unashamed hotel addict, David loves researching unique travel experiences and combining them with hotels and resorts of all descriptions, styles and genres.

In 2013, Anthony Goldman, who had developed a successful career in marketing, joined David and Tom to embark on an expansion program for the group. Fast forward to 2018, Goldman now operates six distinct brands, each with its own specific area of expertise, meaning there’s a Goldman company to handle every kind of individual or business travel need:

  •  Goldman Travel Corporation

Multi award winning Goldman Travel Corporation offers world-class corporate travel management services built on a powerful platform of technology, established relationships and genuine, personal service.

  • Travelcall – Travelcall’s Melbourne and Sydney based team of travel professionals have many years of experience, creating personalised leisure itineraries for travellers to locations around the world and within Australia. Travelcall’s knowledge and expertise gives clients unsurpassed travel service, which results in happy clients and wonderful memories.
  • Travel Phase –Travel Phase is a fully licensed, bricks and mortar boutique travel agency located in Sydney’s Double Bay. Specialising in travel solutions for high-end corporate and individual clients, a small and friendly team of dedicated industry professionals combines more than 80 years of industry experience.
  • SmartFlyer Australia – As a full-service network compromised of the ultimate travel collective, the SmartFlyer Australia team of 35 experienced home-based advisors specialise in luxury travel experiences. In December, SmartFlyer Australia curated the first of a series of pop up offices to bring together its independent travel advisors, to share knowledge, experience and advice.
  • Quintessentially Travel Australia Quintessentially Travel specialises in everything in the world of luxury travel. Whatever the occasion – a family holiday, the ultimate honeymoon, embarking on a beyond imaginable adventure, taking flight on a private jet or hosting a memorable client experience, Quintessentially Travel offers journeys for every moment in life.
  • The Cruise Centre –The Cruise Centre is widely respected as one of Australia’s leading boutique cruise agencies. Located in Brisbane, a team of voyage specialists are at the traveller’s disposal to create memorable voyages. The team is made up of cruise enthusiasts who share their love of cruising to create the voyage of a lifetime, every time.

Another considerable change in travel in recent years is the increase of risk security, with complex geopolitics and global terrorism exposing more travellers to potentially risky environments than ever before. Safety and security concerns are paramount, and protecting employees and consumers has never been a more serious business. The Goldman Group provides an after-hours service to their clientele so if ever a risk were to arise, trained staff are on call and available to ensure the trip is taken care of from start to finish and the client arrives home safe.

Despite the rise in global terrorism, consumers are taking more flights than ever before with 2018 predicting to see both leisure and corporate travellers become more adventurous and explore off the beaten track destinations. Whilst Asia remains the prominent market for corporates, India has experienced a surge in corporate travel. The variety and sheer volume of airfares means that there is something for everyone and the travel industry will continue to boom.

The years ahead look good for the Goldman Travel Group – we look forward to the next 35 and beyond.

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