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Cathay Pacific Unveils Aria Business Class Suites

Cathay Pacific new business class suite

Renowned for its commitment to exceptional travel experiences, Cathay Pacific is set to launch its groundbreaking Aria business class suites on the Boeing 777, promising a mid-year debut. Marketed under the Aria Suites banner, these suites signify a reimagination of Cathay Pacific’s longstanding business class, marrying innovation with the preferences of its discerning travellers.

The Aria Experience: A Private Sanctuary in the Skies

Designed with a fresh perspective, the Aria Suites boast features that elevate the travel experience:

  • Sliding Door: Each Aria Suite comes with a sliding door, offering travellers a cocoon of privacy, aligning Cathay Pacific with leading competitors in the industry.
  • Middle Seat Privacy Panel: Introducing a clear win in privacy, the Aria Suites include a divider between paired middle seats, a notable enhancement from Cathay’s current business class configuration.

Cutting-Edge Entertainment and Connectivity

  • Bigger Screen with Bluetooth Audio: The Aria Suites feature an impressive 24-inch 4K resolution screen, seamlessly integrated into the seating module. Travellers can stream audio via Bluetooth to their wireless noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds, providing a personalised in-flight entertainment experience.
  • Wireless Charging: In addition to AC and USB-C power outlets, the Aria Suites offer the convenience of wireless charging, allowing passengers to rest their devices on the bench next to their seat.
  • More Storage: The Aria Suites prioritise storage with a concealed drawer in front of the wireless charging point, providing space for essential items, complemented by the familiar shoulder-height cabinet for amenity kits.

Enhanced Connectivity and Ambiance

  • Free WiFi: As part of the 2024 business class overhaul, all business class passengers, along with premium economy and economy Cathay Diamond frequent flyers, will enjoy complimentary unlimited WiFi – an offering previously exclusive to first class.
  • A Warmer Look and Feel: The Aria Suites exude ‘quiet luxury’ with gentle curves and woodgrain-like surfaces, creating a warmer and more relaxed ambience compared to the current business class.
  • Art Gallery in the Sky: Each 777 Aria Suite will feature a unique piece of artwork curated by Cathay Pacific, showcasing diverse perspectives on nature, adding an artistic touch to the travel experience.

Culinary Excellence and Modern Design

  • Michelin-Starred Partnerships: Collaborating with Michelin-starred Duddell’s, Cathay Pacific elevates its business class meals with Cantonese-inspired dishes, reflecting the airline’s ‘Hong Kong Flavours’ concept.
  • Modern Take on Culinary Choices: General Manager of Customer Experience and Design, Vivian Lo, emphasises a modern approach to meal choices, offering a diverse range that goes beyond traditional categories, embracing the rich culinary heritage of Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific’s Aria business class suites are a testament to the airline’s dedication to providing an unrivalled travel experience, combining cutting-edge technology, refined design, and culinary excellence. Travellers can look forward to a journey that seamlessly blends comfort, privacy, and sophistication.

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