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Travel Motives Have Changed…

The Evolving Landscape of Corporate Travel: Embracing Meaningful, Impactful, and Sustainable Journeys

In recent years, and for obvious reasons, the world of corporate travel has undergone a significant transformation. With a growing emphasis on sustainability, time efficiency, and the desire for more meaningful experiences, business travellers are re-evaluating their approach to travel.

Gone are the days of hopping on a plane for one quick meeting. Instead, we are mindful of carbon footprints, slowing the pace and visiting multi-cities in one trip to use time and money more efficiently.

The Rise of Mindful Travel

In today’s world, organisations and individuals are becoming increasingly conscious of their carbon footprint. Corporate travellers are no exception. They are actively seeking ways to minimise their environmental impact while on the road. From choosing eco-friendly accommodations to opting for greener transportation options, businesses are aligning their travel policies with sustainability goals.

By partnering with our Goldman Travel, companies can access a network of environmentally conscious hotels that prioritise energy efficiency, recycling programs, and responsible sourcing.

Embracing Slower and More Impactful Journeys

The days of rushed, back-to-back business trips are gradually giving way to a more deliberate and meaningful approach to travel. Corporate travellers are finding value in extending their stays, allowing for deeper cultural immersion and personal rejuvenation.

Goldman Travel recognises this shift and offers customised itineraries that balance work commitments with opportunities for personal exploration. By incorporating leisure time into their schedules, business travellers can experience the local culture, support local businesses, and develop lasting connections in the destinations they visit.

The Era of Multi-City Travel

The traditional concept of business travel as a single-destination journey is evolving. Nowadays, many professionals are engaging in multi-city trips to maximise their time and opportunities.

Goldman Travel facilitates seamless multi-city travel arrangements, ensuring that every step of the journey is efficiently planned and executed. By streamlining logistics and coordinating transportation and accommodations across multiple locations, we enable our corporate travellers to make the most of their valuable time while minimising stress and optimising productivity.

Highlighting Our Exclusive ‘Breakfast Plus’ Program

To further enhance the travel experience for our corporate clients, we proudly offer our ‘Breakfast Plus’ program designed to provide exceptional benefits and amenities at over 5,000 participating hotels. By booking through Goldman Travel, business travellers gain access to a range of exclusive bonuses, including complimentary Wi-Fi to stay connected and productive, a delicious complimentary breakfast to start their day right, a flexible cancellation policy for peace of mind, and the opportunity to enjoy one free amenity during their stay.

VIP Treatment as a Goldman Travel Corporate Traveller

Goldman Travel is a proud to partner with over 24 Australian and global hotel programs. Being a member of these programs recognises us as having a track record in servicing our clients to a high standard and with demonstrated proficiency.

What this means for our travellers is a wide range of special benefits, including:

  • Preferred rates
  • Automating room upgrade whenever available
  • Bespoke room amenities
  • Breakfast included
  • Special requests delivered directly to hotel staff by your Goldman advisor team
  • Early check-in and late check-out
  • Direct communication by Goldman with the hotels, meaning name recognition and personalised service
  • Food and Beverage credits (subject to availability)

These additional perks are designed to make our clients’ business trips more comfortable, convenient, and rewarding.

As the world of corporate travel continues to evolve, embracing sustainability, mindfulness, and meaningful experiences has become the new norm. Our travel agency recognises these changing trends and aims to provide comprehensive solutions that cater to the unique needs of our corporate clients. By partnering with us and taking advantage of our exclusive hotel program, businesses can ensure that their travel experiences are efficient, productive, environmentally conscious, memorable, and rewarding.


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