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Five Steps to a More Sustainable Business Travel Program

 It’s a challenge for every Travel Manager today; how to balance getting their executives from A to B as seamlessly as possible, whilst being mindful of the business costs and reducing their carbon footprint.

Fortunately, Goldman Travel’s Zeno booking tool has 5 steps to help you with this task…

Step One

It’s all about choices. Empower your travellers to make good choices by giving them enough information every step of the journey. You can also to guide them by preferencing the most sustainable options.

Examples of this are to always show electric and hybrid options for car hire or to clearly display the difference in flight class carbon emissions. This allows the traveller to fully understand how the decisions they make have a direct impact on their company’s overall travel footprint.

Step Two

Improve your data. In order to have a clear picture of your company’s overall sustainability efforts, you need to have the right data that is specific for factors such as cabin class, accommodation type or ground transport options.

You should be able to offer your travellers the most granular data possible so they can accurately compare their options and feel good about their part in reducing their overall carbon emissions.

Step Three

Simplify the path to offset. Until now, it’s been a manual process to calculate the offset of each part of the travel journey, which is key to be able to neutralise it. The great news is that Zeno has an integrated offset process within the booking flow of your corporate booking tool.

After the trip is completed, the itinerary data is sent to an offset provider which procures the carbon credits and reports back to you on quarterly basis. It couldn’t be easier to see exactly how your business is doing and note where you can make improvements.

Step Four

Maximise the visibility of your offsets. Aside from the obvious benefits of supporting the planet, a carbon offset program can also help increase employee satisfaction, reassuring them that their employer aligns with their own values.

Giving clear visibility of the actions your business is taking at the point of booking gives your travellers a tangible view on how they are making a positive impact.

Step Five

Choose good partners. Unfortunately, the rapid increase in companies wanting to reduce their net CO2 emissions has enabled operators of varying quality and credibility to pop up.

It’s important to ensure your program is verified by a third-party certification program and is compliant with international integrity standards.


Goldman is proud to be working with Zeno Mission Zero to support you on your journey to a net zero travel program. It delivers the data and visibility required to help your travellers make sustainable choices all within the Zeno booking flow. Please reach out to your account manager to discuss how your travel program can get your business closer to your carbon neutral goals.

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