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Celebrating 40 Years of Goldman

40 Years of Goldman

In a heartfelt celebration last week, we marked an astounding achievement – the 40th anniversary of Goldman Travel Corporation. Since our humble beginnings in 1983, this journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Through turbulent times and triumphant moments, we have crafted enduring memories for innumerable corporate and leisure travellers.

At the heart of this remarkable tale stands a visionary leader, our Executive Chairman, Tom Goldman OAM, whose guidance has illuminated our path over these four decades.

Goldman Travel Corporation transcends the mere realm of business; it embodies a familial connection, a labour of love. It represents a unique blend of competitiveness and compassion, where we are “big enough to compete and small enough to care.” Our family’s involvement not only keeps us rooted but also infuses our corporate ethos with warmth and affection.

Reflecting on these past 40 years (27 of which I’ve spent within these walls), I am reminded of the global events that have moulded our journey – economic shifts, acts of terror, natural calamities, and a pandemic that shook the foundations of our industry. Yet, standing resilient, we’ve shown that united as a family business, we can weather any storm and transform challenges into opportunities.

Amidst the trials and triumphs, the essence of Goldman Travel Corporation lies in the laughter we’ve shared. Whether navigating disruptions in the air, chaos at airports, or simply exchanging travel tales, our laughter has been the melody of our odyssey. As we embark on the next chapter, we carry forth the same spirit, tenacity, and humour that have propelled us thus far. We will continue to explore, dream, and create exceptional experiences. Here’s to the upcoming 40 years, brimming with new adventures and untold stories.

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