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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility – you hear it a lot these days. (And we’re all for it – whatever the cynics say about marketing strategy and whatnot, because the end result is a better outcome for disadvantaged groups in the community.)

But what does it mean?

For us at Goldman Travel it’s all about making a personal difference. Not everything has to be big and media-friendly, but it does have to mean something to us on a personal level.

So it is with pleasure that we have taken up the concept of the Gold Community Day. They are an opportunity for us as a group of like-minded individuals to give back to a variety of community organisations.

We wish to focus for a time on others. Less me, more we.

Gold Community Days are an alignment of individual desires to give back and our way of doing something that matters and achieving small successes. They’re an attempt to physically assist community-based organisations on a regular basis with a helping hand.

If you’d like to support us, please contact David Goldman and we can put you in touch with the charities and centres we support.


Nourishing Our Country

Partnership with OzHarvest

Every week OzHarvest collects over 35 tonnes of excess food and delivers it to over 380 charities.  Since 2004 they have delivered over 15 million meals to those in need.  OzHarvest operates across Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide & Brisbane.

In November 2012 OzHarvest announced a new partnership with Goldman Travel Corporation.

“We’re proud to be part of the ‘helping hand’ that makes OzHarvest’s work possible across Australia.  Our hope is that the assistance we provide with OzHarvest’s travel logistics and along with our participation with OzHarvest’s work through our ‘Gold Community’ program, will help increase OzHarvest’s ability to help more people in even more locations across Australia.”

Managing Director of Goldman Travel Corporation, David Goldman

Should your company wish to get in touch with OzHarvest, they can be reached through theirwebsite.