We have discovered that the only technology tools that are worthwhile are those that clients can use easily and derive genuine benefits from.


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GoldRes makes life easy for travellers, travel bookers and finance departments with its intuitive web-based product.

Simple bookings can be completed in two minutes or less. Travel policy compliance is automatic and detailed reports are generated with ease. GoldRes has significant advantages for the corporate user:

  • Online booking for flights, hotels and cars
  • Travel-policy compliance built in
  • Automatic savings generated
  • Integration with expense management tools

Automated policy controls, integrated financial reporting and links to the agent’s reservation, client management and booking facilities enables everyone in the travel process to input and access all the data they need – under strict user protocols.

From pre-trip planning to enabling customers to print travel documents, self-management of traveller profiles, assistance in budgeting and ability to provide real-time financial reporting. GoldRes brings transparency and simplicity to Travel and Expense management.


This market-leading tool lets us tap directly in to content from 380 airlines, 840,000 hotels and 30 car rental companies. We can access tour companies, cruise lines and more. If it exists, chances are we can get you on it!

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